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Our exhilarating escape rooms are the next generation of escape rooms and you’ll never be able to look back. Enter your escape room and be transported to a new world, push your problem-solving capabilities to the limit as you immerse yourself in the ultimate adventurer’s challenge. Each room has its own unique theme and set of challenges, work as a team to crack the room. Will you emerge victorious?

The tomb of the wandering king

Players x 3-6

The find of the century has been uncovered in the depths of Yorkshire - The Tomb of The Wandering King, a mysterious figure, lost to history. But the archaeological team have been silent for weeks. You arrive to find a dig site, long abandoned, and the mouth of the Tomb ajar and aglow. Who - or what - is this Wandering King? And what secrets lie beneath the soil?

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Blood over Baker Street

Players x 3-6

Sherlock Holmes is missing. You are a group of journalists from The Strand magazine, sent to interview the world’s most famous detective. But you discover the remnants of a scuffle - his usually fastidious Victorian lair is in disarray. But there are clues that something is afoot, a nefarious game that pulls you into the depths of London and beyond.

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The tower of sorcery

Players x 4

The Tower of Sorcery: the home of magicks both delightful and diabolical. Once home to Dubras The Sorcerer, it has sat silent, dominating the hills that surround it. But rumours abound that the tower is full of treasure beyond man’s wildest dreams. They even say that one holds the key to eternal life...

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Adventure games

Can’t get enough of our escape rooms, try your hand at our adventure games, perfect for up to four players.

Deep dark thunder

It’s the height of WW2: your submarine has a precious cargo, a logbook you’ve been given by an Axis Spy, giving you access to the entire Kriegsmarine codebase. Unfortunately, this theft has not gone unnoticed - you are under attack from above and beneath. Will you brave hostile waters? Or will you sink without a trace?

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Please see booking times for accurate opening and closing times. Below are a guide:

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